A stranger is a just a friend you haven’t met yet. 

Highly cliché, yes. Also, completely true when we’re talking about traveling. Isn’t that the essence of arriving at a place you haven’t met yet? Finding that type of friendship that connects to space and, sometimes, people? Or people and sometimes space?

As a student of liberal arts, culture, and languages I understand the walls that you build around yourself according to the place you were born and raised in. Tolerance is key while traveling.

Either if you’re looking to plan a journey with friends, family or alone. Either if you like to go out at night or even checking all the museums in town, soon enough you’ll realize I have at least a tip to give you.
No, I’m not talking about the obvious things every cheap tourist guide will offer you…I’m opening my country to you and I’ll try to give you the best experience you could possibly have on your vacation.

I have been exploring my city and my country for the past couple years: going to some of the smallest paradises on Coast, visiting the boldest, the best and the biggest museums in the most emblematic towns, tasting bad and good wine and creating journey’s on my head that, I thought, would never get out of there.

This is my way of sharing this with you. This is my way of giving back.

A place to eat breakfast? I got it.
A place to understand some of the History of the town? I go it.
Listen to some music? Bonfire on the beach? I got it.
An LGBT+ friendly route? I got it.

Follow me and I can guarantee you…it will be as cost-wise and as amazing as it gets! Discover Portugal.



Vintage interior of stone wall and gray cement floor